Caffe Citadella


Drink Flavours

Available January 18 - February 14, 2020
An India-inspired hot chocolate made from a home made mix of spices blended with almond milk and dark chocolate.

Served with a ginger cookie.

#33 - GREEN CHAN (O)

Available January 18 - February 14, 2020

White chocolate with organic matcha, cream and pudding.

Served with a slice of shortbread.


Available January 18 - February 14, 2020

Bittersweet chocolate mixed with milk, unsweetened coconut powder, vanilla, chili and cinnamon. 

Served with a chocolate cookie. 


Location and Hours

Address: 2310 Ash St.
Hours: Daily, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Telephone: 604-568-5909

Website: www.caffecittadellacom

Instagram: @caffecittadella
Facebook: /caffecittadella

Twitter: /caffecittadella

About Vendor


Caffe Cittadella is one of Vancouver’s hidden treasures. Located in one of the few remaining original Queen Anne-style houses just off the Cambie Street shopping corridor,  this charming two-story café offers plenty of cozy nooks and crannies in which to enjoy sandwiches, pastries, coffee, tea, espresso … and of course, hot chocolate!  In fine weather, be sure to visit the leafy, outdoor patio, or the romantic, two-seat table on the upstairs balcony anytime.