Trafiq Café and Bakery

Location: 4216 Main St.
Telephone: 604-648-2244
Hours: Daily, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Hot Chocolate made with Hamasaen matcha, 34% Cacao Barry Zéphyr white chocolate and pistachio.
Served with Matcha Opera Cake.
Available: January 19 – 24 and February 1 – 7

Dirty Chai hot chocolate made with our in-house blend of spices, Columbian single origin 85% chocolate, plus a double shot of espresso.
Paired with a Chai Cheesecake Mini.
Available: January 19 – 24 and February 8 – 14

Praline-orange hot chocolate with hazelnut, Cacao Barry Guyaquil 64% bitter-sweet chocolate and a hint of orange blossom.
Paired with L’Orange Petit Four.
Available: January 25 – 31 and February 1 – 7

Tres Leches hot chocolate made with Cacao Barry 34% Zèphyr white chocolate, sweetened condensed milk, cream and a hint of cinnamon and rose petals.
Enjoy with a Tres Leches Petit Four.
Available: January 25 – 31 and February 8 – 14


Trafiq on Main is a chic, licensed café where morning and afternoon bakery temptations are served alongside great tasting coffee and tea. Whether it’s a sumptuous pastry or a hearty sandwich made with one of their amazing breads, the café menu offers a little something irresistible for everyone.

Classifying themselves as “cake people”, proprietors Shauna and Sergio have captured the neighborhood’s affection for European-styled cakes. However the talented duo and their Trafiq team can also serve up a roster of unique and delicious hot chocolate flavours, as this year’s Festival goers will soon happily find out.

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INSTAGRAM: @TrafiqMain