863 West Hastings St., Vancouver (on the park; cross street – Hornby) | 604-633-2451
Monday – Friday: 7:30 am – 6 pm
Saturday – Sunday: 10 am – 6 pm


#45 –
Make Hot Chocolate Great Again – our classic milk or dark hot chocolate over a Bully Boy Distillers Boston Rum truffle. 
Served with a piece of beef jerky.

Available: January 19 – February 12
(American flag giveaway on January 20 (Inauguration Day.)

#46 – “HOT PEA PEA”
Pure couverture chocolate and Ripple “pea milk”.
Served with sugar snap peas.
Available: January 19 – February 12


In the Photo: the Mink family. 

Mink is a modern, focused approach to the marriage of the two noble beans, the cacao bean and the coffee bean. The Cafe retails the entire Mink line of exquisite, handcrafted ganache filled chocolate bars, and serves masterfully prepared coffees, chocolate drinks and chocolate fondues.

Twitter: @minkchocolates.
Facebook: /minkchocolates.
Email: info@minkchocolates.com
Blog: blog.minkchocolates.com.
Video: www.youtube.com (search mink chocolates)