1849 West 1st Ave., Vancouver | 604-708-3366
Monday: Closed (With the exception of February 13th.)
Tuesday – Friday: Noon – 8 pm
Saturday: 11 am – 7 pm
Sunday: 11 am – 5:30 pm

This quaint shop has limited seating; your “Plan B” may be take-away. *Look for the Bonus option in week four (details below).

(Poetic interpretation by chocolatier/philosopher Paul Dincer.)

Black olive dark hot chocolate with lime and chili.
Served with a piece of 74% Crunchy Parmesan Toffee Chocolate Bark.
Available: January 19 – 22

“To sum up, the warmth of Meditteranean sea and sky in the misty skin of young and growing olives on their sun-soaked branches is a priceless experience to offer to Vancouverites. You will learn how chocolate makes breathing slow, while your body soaked with love … You will feel as if someone sprinkled sun all over your lips and your heart. You will understand no one can tell who, which one of us is in love; the mist will cover us all. And the mist is love …”

(Can be made with organic almond or coconut milk.)
Organic lavender, white hot chocolate with fig and chamomile.
Served with your choice of Koko Monk’s signature cookies.
Available: January 23 – 29

“Here it is, another sunny drink. Don’t you think we need it? The blue voice of Lavender will tell you the stories of past summers, naked before the sun. And the fig, like a single tear drop of a blonde angel will explain to us all why we are here. Whether to kiss someone or burn in bliss … snow white chamomiles most innocent and young and silent, lit by the moon to show us the way. Sip it slowly my dear friend. Sip it while you can still feel them all.”

Dedicated to sweet memory of Leonard Cohen.

Vegan coconut milk, dark hot chocolate with salted rose carmel and cardamom.
Served with 74% local and organic dehydrated parsnip, beetroot and dark chocolate bark.
Available: January 31 – February 5

“Oh Roses … daring of all! I will call you as notary of love. Love warms…attraction is a hot matter. As long as the interaction is between two beings, heat heals! Only when it is directed to self the danger starts! Self-love without any outer corresponding manifestation is the gate to the fire of Hell; to the loneliness of an ice-burnt heart.  Here it is vegan, coconut milk hot chocolate for you as a short cut to heaven with salted rose caramel! “

(*Plus Hot Chocolate Flights made from the previous weeks’ featured drinks.)

Drinking Chocolate A La Vancouver. Canada’s own rendition of an old European concoction – a 75% dark drinking chocolate with a little twist.
Served with one of Koko Monk’s signature cookies.
Available: February 7 – February 12

“She wears black velvet,
Blacker than velvet is the night.
Sweeter than heart is the chocolate!

*BONUS: Fourth Week Only.  Flights of Any three. (Minimum order two.)
Three hot chocolates of 4 oz each. Choose any three flavours including all 2017 festival flavors. Since we make the drinks on the spot, minimum order quantity is two flights of the same three drink choices.



KoKo Monk Chocolates: raw, organic, vegan, bean-to-bar boutique chocolates and macarons.

Internationally known and recognized as among the “top 20 chocolate companies in the world” for their chocolate drinks by Buzzfeed, Koko Monk’s one-of-a-kind, complex and sophisticated flavour fusions are created using organic, health-based ingredients of raw origin beans and natural sweeteners. Making their contemporary, beautiful creations not only delicious, but part of the health food category in Vancouver.

Vegan as well as sugar-free options are also available.

Website: www.kokomonk.com
EMAIL: info@kokomonk.com
Twitter: @MyKoKoMonk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mykokomonk
Instagram: http://instagram.com/mykokomonk