Koko Monk Chocolates

Location: 1849 West 1st Ave.
Tel: 604-708-3366
Hours: Tues – Fri, Noon to 8 p.m./ Sat, 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. / Sun, 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. /Mon, Closed.

Ask about the ‘Flight of the Week’ special on Saturdays.
Please note: No participation on Feb 14.


(Drink descriptions in italics by Koko Monk Chocolatier Paul Dincer)

Vegan maple water dark hot chocolate with coconut milk.
Paired with a Passion Fruit Praline.
Available: January 19 -25
Imagine a young creek, crystal clear, pure running inside the darkness of your mouth…I claim this drink is the taste of innocence. You will find soothing lightness in there, flavours wrapping your teaste buds with the dark velvet of past summers, whispering all those stories once a young maple tree witnessed on earth.

Flight of the week (Saturday, January 26 only): Cosmic Rose, Sin and Salvation, Heart of the water.

Vegan coconut milk matcha tea white chocolate with Turkish Coffee.
Served with a vegan Eggnog and Rum Praline.
Available January 26 – February 1.
Here you can experience the liquid links between two cities…Loaded eith caffeine you will be travelling from high towers to wuthering bridges between your taste buds.Please note this is not a journey for faint-hearted!

Flight of the week (Saturday, February 2 only): Red Cadillac, Lyric and Dagger, Istanbul – Tokyo.

Spicy ginger and chai tea dark hot chocolate with cardamom.
Paired with a rum truffle.
Available: February 2 – 8
What a small song, what a long dance, from the mouth of your cup. Only bliss is here. Inside of you perched on the shelves of your heart, exotic, dusky…Ginger remembers the earth…Cardamom creates that sleek feel…Come sit next to us, let;s listen this song together.
Last Flight of the Festival (Saturday, February 9 only): Talking Dirty with Sun God, Cold Testament, The Light Syllables.

#43 – “BLACK MOON” (VO)
Rich dark drinking hot chocolate made with 74% Venezuelan Trinitario.
Paired with Tea and Cardamom Praline.
Available: February 9 – 13 (No Festival participation on February 14.)
It is as minimalist as a spring blossom…but the question is, are flower and seed the same?.



KoKo Monk Chocolates: raw, organic, vegan, bean-to-bar boutique chocolates and macarons.

Internationally known and recognized as among the “top 20 chocolate companies in the world” for their chocolate drinks by Buzzfeed, Koko Monk’s one-of-a-kind, complex and sophisticated flavour fusions are created using organic, health-based ingredients of raw origin beans and natural sweeteners. Making their contemporary, beautiful creations not only delicious, but part of the health food category in Vancouver.
Vegan as well as sugar-free options are also available.

After a successful Kick Starter campaign with their unique “Hot Chocolate Cubes” project, Koko Monk proudly opened their second location as a “Hot Chocolate Lounge” in West Broadway. Since October 2018 company serves their guests and friends from both of their locations.The beauty of this expansion is that Koko Monk will be serving different hot chocolates in each locations.

Website: www.kokomonk.com
Email: info@kokomonk.com
Twitter: @MyKoKoMonk
Facebook: /mykokomonk
Instagram: /mykokomonk