Koko Monk Hot Chocolate Lounge

Address: 2883 West Broadway. Hours: Tues – Fri, Noon – 9 p.m. / Sat – Sun 11 a.m. to 8 p.m / Mon, closed.

Ask about the “Flight of the Week” on Saturdays.
Please note: No Festival participation on February 14 (Valentines Day).

(Drink descriptions in italics by Koko Monk Chocolatier Paul Dincer)

#44 – “LOVE IS A BITCH” (VO)
Mango/tequila white hot chocolate with chilli.
Paired with a Rosemary Dark Chocolate Praline with olive oil.
Available January 19 – 25
All that taste, depth and flavours of a “core shaking love” with a burning kick at the end …:-) This drink designed as a rehearsal, or rather like a training, purposes to re-invigorate broken hearts! Come over, we offer brightness and laughter of an eternal sun to you Vancouver!.

Flight of the week (Saturday, January 26 only): Istanbul Blues, Rashomon, Love is a Bitch

#45 – “ALTERED SOUL” Dedicated to the beautiful memory of David Bowie.(V)
Vegan cashew milk, dark hot chocolate with cardamom and chilli.
Paired with a vegan Salted Rose Caramel Praline.
Available January 26 – February 1
Unique yet familiar, this incredibly rich and fragrant hot chocolate tastes like an underground garden enlightened by a different sun and always hand to hand with some sort of previously unknown pleasure…It is pretty much like listening to a David Bowie song for the first time…

Flight of the week (Saturday, February 2 only): Red Cadillac, Authentic Hot Chocolate, Altered Soul

Watermelon white hot chocolate with parsley and spices.
Paired with a Rum Truffle.
Available: February 2 – 8
This is an edible invitation for you to learn how to think with your taste buds. Oh…it is as green and smooth as a dreamy forest full with fairy tale marvels. When you get your first sip, to your suprise you will discover that your body has its own mind…What I mean is, your body and soul knows how to play just like the beautiful elements of this drink…

Last Flight of the Festival (Saturday, February 9 only): Cosmic Rose, Brunette Bangle, The Shape of a Particular Bliss.

Vegan, smoked curry dark hot chocolate with coconut milk.
Paired with Lemongrass and Mango Praline.
Available: February 9 – 13
This is a liquid seduction to get you out of where you are. This is the end of a long work day; an eternal weekend to get dressed and dance…This is a heart longing to meet with its hunter…Get ready, put your favourite smile on your lips and meet with us at Koko Monk.

See the CTV news clip here: https://www.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=1590127


KoKo Monk Chocolates: raw, organic, vegan, bean-to-bar boutique chocolates and macarons.

Internationally known and recognized as among the “top 20 chocolate companies in the world” for their chocolate drinks by Buzzfeed, Koko Monk’s one-of-a-kind, complex and sophisticated flavour fusions are created using organic, health-based ingredients of raw origin beans and natural sweeteners. Making their contemporary, beautiful creations not only delicious, but part of the health food category in Vancouver.
Vegan as well as sugar-free options are also available.

After a successful Kick Starter campaign with their unique “Hot Chocolate Cubes” project, Koko Monk proudly opened their second location as a “Hot Chocolate Lounge” in West Broadway. Since October 2018 company serves their guests and friends from both of their locations.The beauty of this expansion is that Koko Monk will be serving different hot chocolates in each locations.

Website: www.kokomonk.com
Email: info@kokomonk.com
Twitter: @MyKoKoMonk
Facebook: /mykokomonk
Instagram: /mykokomonk