James' Gelato at Mahony & Sons

Location: #36 – 1055 Canada Place (by the Blue Raindrop)
Telephone: 604-647-7513
Hours: Daily, 11 a.m. – Midnight

Ecuadorian cacao and house-made almond milk with Peruvian Lucuma combines caramel and nutty notes with a hint of smokey Vancouver Island Sea Salt.
Served with a couple of GLOWBall truffles on the side.
Available: January 20 – 31

A blend of Erin’s animal product-free, #PBY (plant-based yummy) banana bread and a GLOW Chocolate blend featuring South American mesquite.
Served with, of course, a slice of that amazing banana bread.
Available: January 20 – 31

A Canadian combo of BC white wines (Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc), Canada Spring Water and heirloom organic GLOW chocolate with hints of cherry.
Served with a delicious GLOW chocolate.
Available: February 1- 14

#68 – “IN THE MOOD
Heirloom Ecuadorian cacao mixed with potent aphrodisiac maca root and cordyceps mushroom – Ceylon cinnamon, organic chili plus romance!
Served with a delicious GLOW chocolate.
Available: February 1 – 14


James’ Gelato is the new company for James Coleridge (formerly of Bella Gelateria) that will debut in Vancouver in 2018. Lucky Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival goers will be able to preview the type of treats in store as James presents a pop-up version of his gelateria in partnership with Mahony & Sons pub in Coal Harbour as venue and GLOW Chocolates and Erin Ireland’s To Die For Foods as ingredient suppliers.


This family-owned chain of pub-style restaurants in Vancouver features casual and tasty food with an Irish accent, great beer and live music.


The GLOW collection of chocolates, created by founder Julie Beyer, consists of guilt-free low-glycemic organic chocolate and non-chocolate options treats. (GLOW is sweetened with all natural calorie-free green stevia, and some with organic Canadian maple syrup.) All the ingredients GLOW uses are certified organic, refined sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten free, soy-free, GMO free and use no preservatives, soy, corn or dairy. Everything is real and nutritious.

Says Beyer, “I strive to create products and recipes that exceed your expectations and that will change your life after one bite. I also create to nourish you with optimal nutrition that will leave you feeling energized physically, emotionally and mentally.


Erin’s 2.0 chocolate macadamia nut banana bread is the original (and arguably most popular item) in her expanding line of healthy and delicious baked goods that now includes breakfast cookies, coconut peanut butter power balls and pumpkin loaf. Most of her ingredients are organic and everything is made by hand in small batches. Find To Die For Fine Foods’ baked goods at 65 cafes around town.

WEBSITE: www.jamesgelato.com
TWITTER: @James_Gelato
INSTAGRAM: @jamesgelato @todieforff @glowchocolate.love @mahonyandsons