Diva at the Met

Location: 645 Howe St., in the Metropolitan Hotel (in the lounge)
Telephone: 604-602-7788
Hours: Mon – Friday: 6:30 a.m. – 10 p.m. | Sat – Sun, 5:30 p.m. – 10 p.m.

#21 – “CARIBBEAN SNOWBALL” (contains alcohol) (non-dairy option)
“Arrgh, Matey!” Enjoy this rich Luker Colombian 70% dark hot chocolate spiked with a swig of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and Galliano.
Served with Chef Edward’s hand-made salted caramel treat.
Available: January 20 – February 14

#22 – “BOMBAY HOT CHAICOLATE” (non-dairy option)
Steamed Luker 40% Colombian milk chocolate together with fresh milk and a special mix of chai spices.
Topped with freshly whipped cream.
Served with a milk chocolate, chai-spiced bon bon.
Available: January 20 – February 14


One of Vancouver’s premier dining locations, Diva at the Met combines a unique blend of style and flavour, using sustainable and locally sourced ingredients.
Experience the award-winning cuisine in an ambience that is both casual and elegant. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served seven days a week from Diva’s open kitchen, allowing guests to view the creation of many spectacular dishes. And do not forget to try some of the award-winning cocktails that our bartenders have earned a high reputation for!
Be it a special occasion or simple night on the town, Diva looks forward to welcoming you soon.

WEBSITE: http://www.metropolitan.com/diva/
TWITTER: @divaatthemet
FACEBOOK: /divaatthemet